Wednesday, 19 June 2013


First, here's some pictures I took some day ago 8)

"Why the f doesn't that freaking brown Fripp come out- Oh Dana"

Little bit of our training :--)

Perrie has some problems with her legs so went to swim 8)

Obstacle training with Haz

You know you are becoming a good racer when you get outsiders to blame you have cheated! *Tsk* Today after the Moorland champs, where I came second, somebody started blaming I teleported! Like how in the heck is that even possible XD I think she though that because I took a shortcut over the big rock, and she probably was just under it, and suddenly I just fell in front of her. Oh well, don't care.

Let's see if I'm gonna post more later! Gonna train horses and then I guess I'm going to go for a little beach ride. 

xoxo, April

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