Friday, 14 June 2013

A glance in the past

I love stories. So I cooked up some description to the horses and April! I post the stories here so you don't have to use your mouse to click the link, but these can also be found in the character page! Here are their stories:


April is a girl born in the village of Jorvik. She moved to Silverglade after her mom, who got a new job from there. After the bridge of Southsilver Waters broke, there hasn't been many young people who would have seen the village or the stables of Jorvik. Many people have asked April about it, what did the center of Jorvik look like, were the stables good, but no one has got an answer from her. Maybe she's still upset about the moving, though she got the dream job from the SG Stables and found her dream horses, Hope, Haz, Lou, Perrie and Dana.


About Hope's past, he was used to be a ride for a little girl. Her parents knew a lot about horses, so though Hope was just 6 years old, he was the safest ride there could be for a little child. They got their own little farm just next to the Winery. The farm had been a part of the SG Stables, but they sold it to the family. Later, the family got some money problems and they had to sell the farm. (Nowadays there's an oilfield in that place) The parents knew April through their son, Derek, who works in the SG Village. They assured their daughter that Hope would get the best home possible, and I'm sure they were right. 


April saved Hazza from Valedale. Some old sweet grandma had bought him, to make her backyard look fancy. The little lady had been a little wrong, maybe a Shetland pony or an old Finnhorse would've been a better choice instead of a thoroughbred stallion! April promised to find her a horse that would be easier to take care, if she could buy Hazza. And the lady agreed.


April had always wanted an Akhal-Tekke. Maybe it was because her step-brother had a huge stud in Finland, where her mom had moved from. So when April heard that they sell Tekkes in the sales stable nearby Silverglade Village, she ran immediately there to buy this beauty. Later, when she was talking with her brother on phone, she got to know that Perrie was from her brother's breeding stables! Perrie wasn't imported straight from him, and the person who sold her to the sales stables hadn't given almost any information about this girl. 

April's brother told that Perrie wasn't like that when she was a foal. Maybe something happened to her between her birthplace and Silverglade.


Lou was a lesson horse in north Silverglade. It just wasn't for him. Of course only talented riders got him, because he is a stallion after all, but it didn't do good for him. Every day there was a different human on his back, screaming little girls, too many other horses.. So the riding school put an ad on the local paper, and were searching for a person who would take Lou as their private horse, no more different ways of riding. Guess who bought him.

Being put to work too early, Lou's training got a bit challenging. April had to teach the basic things to him again, so it slowed Lou's training.


Brevity is the soul of wit, April got Dana from her grandpa! This beautiful girl is a daughter of his amazing stallion, Caius, and the good old father of Anna Skyberg, April's mom, wanted that the fabulous mare would stay somewhere close so he could sometimes see how April is doing with the lady.

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