Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Get Lucky

Hiya there! I know, I know, I haven't written in a while. I lost interest in Star Stable, so I logged in everyday just to do the garden quests and to feed my horses, maybe throw a hey to my clubbies. I didn't want them to think I died.

Today we got the weekly update, that was... Well, ok. The gardening stuff starts to get bored, but I think it will be over soon as we already are in the last part of the garden. The new clothes etc. were boring. And I didn't win a poster. (I am kinda mad because I wasted time to think a pretty outfit with different clothes that look good together and then one of the winners was wearing a collection outfit???)

The mane styling thing is great! I have waited it since we got new horses, because I first though we can choose the mane of the horses we buy. And now we can! And it doesn't cost too much, I first though it would cost somewhat 100 sc just to change the style!

I bought Perrie the long mane. I have always wanted a horse with this mane.
And I really like my outfit of the day! It's casual yet fancy, and the blue color is marvelous.

And then some photos with Brunte :)

Dammit Brunte stop changing sides.

April x x

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