Friday, 20 December 2013

We're on top of the world, hey!


I know I'm really lazy to update this blog, even if I'm active in the game. Ok, lately I've been away because I've been busy, but now I have yet again started to play more ! :)

The christmas quests are really great, and some of the presents you get from the Santa are actually real nice! I think I'm gonna make a collage about my presents later.

I'm also close to lvl 15, I could reach it by doing one fishing quest I have available but I really don't want to do it! Because the level doesn't even increase your riding but then I'd need to compete with the good racers in champs D:

I've almost given up with the pink lights XD I think I'm still friendly or liked with the lightning circle, and at one point I calculated that it would take 3 weeks to get admired with them if I'd do every single light every single day. And I just can't do that. So I just take care of them if I'm not too lazy and well, maybe SSO will make it easier to get admired some day. Like giving more reputation like they did with the fishing quests.

Anygay, today I bought a new horse! Because of that, I had to sell my dear Dragonkiss, but we'll see if he will return some day ;---) I bought the black Arabian. I think I might regret the colour a little, dunno if I'll sell him and buy the palomino or white later. Anyway, here's my wonderful stallion Northchaser aka Chris! The seller told me the name is because "He chased his way up to the north!" :)

Shortly, Chris is lively, playful and sensitive. He likes to gallop fast and play tag with me on the paddock :) Being an Arabian, he of course doesn't like sharp or fast moves and requires a soft hand from the rider. 

Here's couple of photos from his first training races!

I'm going to write new descriptions for all of my horses, for a change. So they're gonna change a little :) I'm tired so I won't update the chara page today, but I'll write down the new personalities here, or otherwise I won't remember them in the morning.

Haz is now honest, has a large ego, dumb, impatient and omnivorous.
Luke is gentle, a boaster, fast and curious. 
Lou is sluggish, enterprising, a glutton, brave and afraid of rustling things.
Smoki is challenging, a badass, an epicure and weather vane. (Mood changing)
Inna is self-indulgent, mean, self-centered, clumsy and greedy.
Perrie is calm, reserved, catalase, slow-witted and can't stand children.
Nico is sly, challenging, used to everything, obsequious and loves dogs. 
Dana is lashing, social, strong-willed and doesn't eat apples. 
Hope is sensitive, a glutton, care-free, teases other horses and doesn't let you catch him from the paddock.

There! I used the personality generator from the Finnish sim-horse help page Virtuaalijelppi

Bai, April x x 

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