Thursday, 22 August 2013


The fall is getting closer every moment, and it's filling my heart! I love autumn. I've been wondering around Goldenhills and just thought when the real trees will look like the ones in GH. I'm so happy we have that time in Finland, because in every country the trees don't get such a beautiful colors :)

Ok, now about SSO. The ponies arrived, and they are super cute! I bought the palomino one and named her Minipearl. Minipearl aka Helmi is 11 y-o mare, you can read more about her on the horse page.

Right after taking that picture I kept a dressage lessons to the pigs of Shadow Hooves >8) 

The basic monkey pack of SH... Always in the same corner.

They are cute! owo

Yup welcome to Huti's lessons... 8D I said I'll whack everyone who manages to do wrong.

Later I trained Helmi a bit and made the lovely edit underneath.

And to the next day aka today!

I decided I'll be buying another pony tomorrow! This lovely bay gelding will be next to Helmi tomorrow, I don't know his name yet, though. 

Then we had a dressage lesson yet again, this time Aly(ssa) kept it. 

Hayyy gurl Hayyy

Dummy me... I didn't understand 8D

After that I continued training Helmi... Yes I know, I'm feeling a bit halloween-y today!

 Then I took part in the FP Champs. This wasn't our day, because in FP Haz tripped on an obstacle and earlier in Valedale my wifi disappeared before the start....

 Okay-dokay! I'll edit the horse page soon, and I can hint you I'm doing a new video... Maybe two ;) But I can't promise uploading them because I have a bad habit of not finishing the videos. Anyway, bye, let's see if we have a new boy in my stable tomorrow!

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