Saturday, 10 August 2013



I haven't even logged in SSO today, but I know if I don't update this blog now, I'll skip it yet again 8D

So, though I haven't blogged so much, I have still tried playing SSO actively. It's not like I don't have interest in playing or that I'm just too tired to play, no, it just that I have been real busy lately and had no time for the game. But I've tried to log in everyday and say a couple hellos in the club chats and do races there and here.

I don't know why, but every day in SSO is like, well, dramatically said, fighting against hunger :"D It's probably because we haven't had much quests lately, and because I'm busy, I don't have much time to do the daily tasks. My shillings are under 1000 all the time and I have to earn money everyday or my horses will be left hungry. I do have star coins tho, but I don't like to waste them on food. I hope we'll get a massive amount of new quests soon, even some annoying reputation quests if needed.

Here's photos 8)

Yup just chilling with my buddy...

I think he'll be next in my stable :--)

best postcard ever♥

My outfit on Thursday 

Nope Metukka is too fast D8

My outfit on... Tuesday? Not sure?

Aand yesterday I wore full black 8) loveit♥

ok I guess I'm gonna watch one Teen Wolf now and then head to SSO :D Perhaps I'll post more photos later! xoxo April

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