Friday, 25 January 2013

Wonderin + Being the most vain person


Today my day is totally failing in Star Stable. I missed the first championship competition because I was drinking coffee (I'm a coffeeholic) and in the second one... Well, I was heading to the finish line on the 1th place, but then I bumped to a pole bending pole and bounced off of the track. Fuck it.

But we got cool new clothes for free, just for lifetime riders!

Okay I'm wearing only the jacket and the gloves, but Nina has also the hat. Then there was shiny black pants and trainers that match with the gloves. 

The thing, that makes me wonder, is that I don't know why I suck at racing! I'm on the highest level that is possible to reach by now and also Frostbeam has the maximum XP. We have the best equipment Jorvik offers at the moment.

I think it's simply just because I don't know all the tricks. I'm not aware of all the shortcuts. In other way, I have no skills. :D I'm always like "Oh my this went great!" and then the top ever has five seconds better time than me. 

Well I keep jumping without competing! lol

Old photos!

+ VANITY !! 

I told people I want a black horse.

Uh-Oh, it's Ruby Loudheart and Ashwhisper.

*mwah*  - April

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