Sunday, 20 January 2013

Shall we say, pink is the prettiest?

(FIN: Älkää raksut suomalaiset suuttuko että tää blogi on englanniksi, muttakun mulla on monta ulkomaalastakin kaveria pelissä niin haluun että hekin ymmärtävät :D )

Finally I started to write about SSO too! I have thought about keeping a blog several times, but never really got started...

So, I'm April Skyberg and my horse's Frostbeam :) April is my only account. I'm on level 13, and Frostbeam is too.  I registered somewhere around the spring-summer 2012 and at the moment I have done all the quests, I'm waiting for more ;)

But today... Well today I was just goofing around! And bought stuff for Frostbeam and myself.

I told Ana how I ruined Beam's masculinity with all the pink equipment but well... She did it better! :D 

Then Quinn/Emily joined us, and the old gang was there again! 

Then I went with the club and rode around Moorland. It was fun :3

Later that night I took a part on the Moorland Championship. It was my and Frostbeam's first championship competition and guess what...

We were third! I'm very proud of Beam, because it was our first competition and I didn't know the race at all.. And as on the 13th level I competed with the most skillful riders in Silverglade.

- April

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