Sunday, 22 September 2013

Shooting Star

Hiya! It's been a while! But now I'm here with you again.

Lately, I bought a new horse. His name is Dragonkiss, called Draco, and he's an Oldenburg gelding. n.n You will find him on the character page later this week.

^ I have used this outfit quite a lot lately... 
Helmet - Valedale Rider Tack
Jacket - Valedale Star Shop
Trousers - Winery Star Shop
Boots - Lifetime Rider Tack (Got from mail, available in Moorland LT Shop)
Saddle & Briddle - Moorland Horse Tack
Saddlepad - Valedale Druid Shop
Polo wraps - Cape West 3rd Accessorize Shop

I don't really have a lot to talk about? I have finally found my desire for this game again, and have played a lot. :> 

Shirt - Marley's Shop
Bridle - Marley's Shop

^New racing outfit! I love it. 
Pink jacket - Firgrove Star Shop
Brown Pro Helmet - Valedale Rider Tack Shop
Gloves - Silverglade Boutique
Trousers - Silverglade 2nd Star Shop
Boots - Marley's Shop
 Bridle & Saddle - Moorland Horse Tack 
Saddlepad - The Observatory
 Polo Wraps - Fort Pinta 1st Accessorize Shop

I think that was quite it. :--) Now I gotta catch some sleep, I'm knackered. See ya! xoxo


  1. moi!!

    mikä tän ulkoasun tml-koodi on? ootko ite tehny vai mistä oot löytäny? :) vastaathan nopeasti! :33

    1. Hupsista, anteeksi myöhäinen vastaus, mulla ei oo tässä blogissa kommenttien valvonta päällä. (: Vastaan myös siksi anolla että oon kirjautuneena toiselle tililleni.

      Ulkoasu on täältä, muuta en tiedä :D

      - Huti X X



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