Monday, 25 November 2013

Does it make you feel alive?

She said, hey, it's alright
Does it make you feel alive?
Don't look back
Live your life
Even if it's only for tonight
She said, hey, it's alright
If it makes you feel alive


Yet again it's been a while since I last updated this blog. Though that doesn't mean I haven't played SSO! I had a little half-break, because I found no interest in playing, but now I'm back.

A lot has happened since the last updated. I've bought new horses, I have changed the club I'm in, etc. etc.

About the club change. Nina deleted Shadow Hooves because of a... reason. I don't think it's necessary to reveal it here. Anygay, I hopped in to Night Feathers that is basically almost the same people that were in SH. Of course SH has now been created back (by Nina, of course) but I still remain in NF because why in the hell not? It's not about the name of the club, it's about the people in it.

Okok, now to other, happier things. :) So after the last post I've bought three new horses. I also lost one :( An euthanasia had to performed to Minipearl, knows as Ninni, as she ran away from her paddock and hurt her leg somewhere. The leg could never be fully healed and Ninni should be filled up with medicine for the test of her life, so I decided euthanasia was the best thing for her. She's now on better paddocks with other ponies, where she can't escape, but I bet she doesn't want to, either.

First, I bought an Andalusian stallion. He's called Fireknight, "Nico"

Secondly, I bought the Selle Francais from the Harvest Counties, as Jorvik opened. She's called Winterspirit, aka Inna or Spirre. I can't decide the nickname, lol. I'd want to call her Inna, but I always accidentally call her Spirre.

Then, last but not least, I bought the creme coloured Akhal-Tekke stallion last weekend. He's called Icerebel aka Luke :)

Then some random photos n.n

On a hack with Night Feathers.. What's wrong with Luke's arse?

Got out first rosette in the HC Champs so far.. A bronze 8D But well, Haz wasn't feeling well before yesterday and I have been bearing with a laggy internet. Luckily now I got a faster connection.

Training Luke.. I feel like I will never get him fully trained e.e I mean none of my bought horses are on lvl 15 except Haz! They all are on lvl 7 and lower! GAWD I'M LAZY ASS.

Run run run and never look back n__n

From the hack

SSO didn't let me sit for the picnic so I ran around and paparazzied the alfa beasts of NF 8)

So that's it, got this finally updated! Let's hope we'll have snow in this week's update! ♥ 
See ya, April x x

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