Monday, 26 August 2013

Weyhey dat's the craic! ~

Sup pals ! 8D Haven't written in times. I just take so many photos that I'm too lazy to post them! But anyway, here's some photos of today and yesterday.

The horses moved from Steve (And April from Silverglade Village, heehe) to Firgrove, and it was a BAD idea, oh my god. I have to use the trailer to go everywhere! Next Saturday April's gonna go back to her home in SG Village and the horses might go to Winery, or then to Steve's. I just hate Steve's, there's too many people and I have been at Steve's since I changed my home stable after receiving my first star rider in June 2012!!


I think I haven't even told about this little buddy owo I know I said I'd buy a gelding but she was so irresistible! This is Ultrasmash aka Ullis, a 14 years old mare who loves show jumping :)

Later I goofed around with some of our clubbies. Sorry that the texts are in Finnish, if the uncertainty is eating you to death, ask me what they mean. 

Gonna smash your fears? .w.


Lou says boinggg 8)

A very interesting corner in the library o.O

The gurl with a blue hat is someone random... Poor thing when she woke up XD

Later we went down to North Link, I couldn't go the way the others went so I tried my own that I had used some time before 8D It didn't work tho, but I got down other way. Later Nina joined us too with her Tania-character, but seems that I didn't have any pics? -w-


There was a BLOODY TICK WALKING ON MY HAND! D8 I flushed it down the toilet lol.

Some pole working with Smoki *.* Love you boy n.n

Aand my outfit later today 8D

Ok, so I should go to bed now, but I won't because I'm a SSO addict owo I'm gonna decide what hair and make-up I'll buy April next and then I'll check my other characters Veronika, Allison and Ruby. 

See ya xx

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