Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Friesian beauty

Today we got the friesian horses! Guess who was running to buy one, with her head as a third leg. Ding ding, correct answer, me!

The horses are so beautiful. I was kind of upset because we didn't get anything else with the update, but these are such a great step for SSO to make more realistic horse that I don't care. I can't even write properly, I'm so happy. Grammar nazis, feel free to correct me.

The horses are big. Like really big. F*cking giants! First when I bought my horse, and went to take it out, I felt like we wouldn't fit out of the stable. And when I changed to Perrie to take the picture somewhere down there, it felt like I was riding a shetland pony! And Perrie's legs were so thin! Gosh.

May I introduce you, Dangergaze!True friesian beauty, fresh from the oven. (Wow that sounded wrong).

Try to say it's name outloud. It sounds so funny! I don't know what I will call it shortly. I don't even know if it is a mare or a stallion. I like stallions more, but I feel like everyone will make their friesians stallion. And I have kind of thought them to be a mare. Yeah, maybe she is a girl. Such a beautiful girl.

Any nickname suggestions? I have thought of "Dani" or longer "Danni" and also "Vaara" that means danger in finnish. I have to keep thinking. I don't really want to name it with a finnish name, it's kind of a thing for Finnhorses.

I love the fact they move their heads and legs when they stand still. I was kind of disappointed when the horses in the sales stables were moving, but when you bought them they didn't move almost at all while standing. These horses are so realistic.

And the fact they hold their heads proudly even when galloping, is amazing.  It looks beautiful. Well, in full gallop it's a bit stupid looking, because April's face crashes into the mane, but in canter and gallop, oh wow.

And the way it moves its legs. Oh god, beautiful!

And the smallest thing: It's ears are straight! I have always hated the way the ears of the horses are so skew.

I spent 25€ to this beauty. F*ck, like I wouldn't have bought enough star coins already. Oh well, it doesn't really matter because my phone bill isn't usually big, because I use mostly whatsapp and facebook chat and I'm not a person who calls long calls. (sounds stupid, calls calls)

Dangergaze fits in to April's "story" pretty good. And by "story" I mean the time when April, the talented rider from Silverglade Stables, is training her champion horses and running on the top of the high scores, not the idiot dirty-minded April who fools on the fences with her clubbies and shouts pervert things to others.

And I just got the fancy banner on my blog and now I have to change it again! Gossssh. Well, no matter what I need to make it wider because I'm tired of this narrow blog, because I need to keep the photos small.   Gonna change it soon, though I have two other blogs with their layouts to edit. 

Damn I need to stop talking! I will put Dangergaze on the horse page when I get a nickname for her! Bye!

xoxo. April

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