Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Picture every moment of your life, because photos speak a lot~

"Do you take much photos to your blog?"

"Bitch I might"

I just can't help it. Hmh. :--) Here's photos, they are from several days.

And Quinn turned invisible ! Such a ghost... Can you see her behind me?

That's right, Lilith >8)

Alyssa thanks for giving your horse to be our dinner 8)

My favorite photo of Lou ♥

I said Mario has a lot of chicks :D

Quinn I doubt this is your place...

... Nor is this XD

Fun fact: I jump in queues. 

YoloQuinn <.<

Look! A gazelle! 

Pushing horses down the cliff.. haha. (Quinn your horse's ass is perfect♥)

There she goes .. 8) Sorry Dana

Was that all? I guess it was! 
Oh one thing; The Chapter 1 of TSOLT is up! ;)

xoxo, April

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