Friday, 26 July 2013

I'm back

Yeah so I was away for a week, I didn't tell you here but I mentioned it in Facebook, I think at least all my friends read about it there :) Well, now I'm back after a brilliant week full of action.

I'm such a failure. I knew, I knew we would have double coins this week! And I was supposed to buy them even if I was there, I mean I had my phone. But of course I forgot... I'm so mad, I could have got loads of coins but I fucking forgot.

Anyway, I didn't let it take me down. I haven't bought any coins this month, so I thought "Well, I can as well buy them now as I'll be buying coins next time in August, when the phone bill is paid" and I planned of buying a new horsie.

Then I came across a problem. Though I have said the Paints are boring, they still are pretty and interesting. So




or he?

Well, say hello to Smokeboy, appaloosa stallion.

I thought his color was interesting :) I probably won't be buying the leopard one, but if we haven't got any new interesting looking horses when we next time have double coins, I will buy the tovero or overo Paint. I still have to decide which one... The overo one is really pretty but the tovero has blue eyes.. God help me!

I'm so in love with him! "Smoki" is one of my favorites now, with Dana and Lou. I love all my horses, I love Perrie, Lou, and Smoki's coat, Hope and Haz's skills and Dana's marvellous mane. And more. I love every single bit of them all. But everyone has their favorites, right? 

I didn't have much time to get to know about Smoki, but tomorrow I'll write and tell you about his personality and past! All I know now is that he can do both, classic/english and western. And that he is super kind!

xoxo, April

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