Friday, 5 July 2013

Eight hooves floating

Hello pals! I haven't been able to update lately, but now I am here! n_n I've been very busy lately, today we moved the paddock of our horses, and put an electric fence on it.

But yesterday was crazy! I woke up when my phone went off, I got a call from our neighbors that "Hey, there's two horses running free, I heard they are from yours?" Well, we went searching for them with my dad (the horses aren't even mine, the other is my brother's and the other is just on a paddock here.) Some guy told us that they had ran to the end of the road and went to the woods from there. So we waited for my brother to come from work because we didn't have a car. (My mum had the other one and then we had two other cars but they are old USA cars so..) and we left together, and when we were in the forest searching for the horses, we got a call that they had swum to a small isle! Well, we finally found them and one of our villagers took us to the isle, then we floated the pony behind the boat and I swam with the bigger horse to the mainland. And then we had to walk them back to home, 7 km way! MY FEET HURT SO MUCH! At least we were the topic of the day in our living area! :"D

Ok what the hell, was that necessary to tell... Haha well anyway, now about SSO.

The Wednesday update came, and it was good. The new store is really cool, and the new clothes are great. But in my opinion the best thing is the bug fix! That people can't cheat anymore! Nothing's more annoying than seeing a totally, neverheard people on top of  high scores or winning a championships, all the popular, great riders after them. Smells always fishy but what could you do? Can't prove someone's cheating.

There was this new shop in Silverglade Village, it's really cool! The new clothes are great.
Here is some tops I'll probably buy when I get coins n_n

There was this girl in the riding hall owo She made me to race the first obstacle course and then gave me a jacket. The jacket is nice, it's fit. 

And here's some random photos 8)

Oh btw, the comic is about to get updated! I just need screens with more people in it. *cough* Quinn *cough* 

April, xx

ps. 59 daily views and 8 followers? C'mon people! ;)

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  1. no hups vähä pelailu jääny ku toisel koneel ei pysty pelaa ja ollu kiireitä D8 yritän tul täs joku päivä!

    ~ kinkku



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