Saturday, 18 May 2013



Yesterday, the double coins -offer was added. I got excited and of course ran to buy some star coins, cos I hadn't bought any since the last phone bill. First I bought 614sc and later 294sc.

On Wednesday, when the new horses arrived, I fell in love with the bay oldenburg. But now, when I got money for the dapple grey horse too, I just had to buy it! The black oldenburg is lovely too, but because I already have Haz, who has the same color but without the markings, I didn't want to buy it.

So welcome my new stallion, Summerlove :)

Cause you were mine for the summer
Now we know its nearly over
Feels like snow in September
But I will always remember
You were my Summer love
You always will be my Summer Love

I had to have the word summer in his name, because the heat has reached Finland and it already feels like summer in here :) 

Summerlove, also called Lou, is an Oldenburg stallion. He has been in this world for 6 years. Lou is a really nice boy, and though I haven't trained him yet at all, he already knows a lot. Lou's behavior is really good. I think I'm gonna train him for show jumping. He is my future star, as well as Haz and Perrie are :) 

Right after I have finished Haz's training, I'm gonna start with Lou. Perrie is such a fiend that I'm gonna need a lot more time for her. I guess her training starts in early June.

 (Haha Lou and Haz, some people will get) 

xx April

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