Saturday, 11 May 2013

A new hello

Okay, so I know that I have used to write this blog in Finnish now. But then somebody send me a message on Youtube, and said that my blog looks nice but she can't understand a thing. I realized that I have linked this blog with my YT channel and also I usually put the URL in the end of the videos. So I decided to write this in English from now on, so everybody can understand! :)

NOTE: If you search the oldest posts, they are in English. I started with it but got tired so I changed to Finnish.

Today was my time to get rewarded from helping Ydris with his circus! :) He gave me a magical ticket to the circus, that allows me to enter whenever I want. Also he gave me the cutest hat I've ever seen in Jorvik!

Then I went to explore the circus, from inside. It was huger than it was from outside. 
I literally have no words for this. IT WAS AMAZING. There was this another camera, in the center that follows you and your horse. 
One minus: I would like if there would be an option to hide other players. There was a massive amount of riders in the tent and it annoyed me a bit since I was trying to take pictures. 

Also bought a new hair. You can see it from the pictures. I guess. 

xx April

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