Monday, 15 April 2013

Long day, Long night (Long post ahead!)

Heheyy, spent a long day with SSO 8)

My morning started with a picnic with Sheila and Rose, though I forgot to save the screenshots so... I don't have any. :D

After the picnic and racing in Firgrove with Haz, I finished this video :3

After the video I raced the Firgrove Championship with Hope and got the first rosette from there. It was bronze. I'm pleased with that, because I failed badly during the race :D

I continued with training Haz. Later in the afternoon I lead a run in the woods for Shadow Friends, and then we roleplayed in Firgo.

The Moorland and Goldenhills championships I went with Haz, we didn't get rosettes in neither of them but well. Haz is only on lvl 6 at the moment.

Then I logged off for a couple of hours and came back when the dusk had landed :) 

I turned the game sounds on. WOW. I think I have never played Star Stable online with the sounds on, I always listen to my own music while playing. I guess I'm gonna steal the music that is in the Goldenleaf Races and put in into my Spotify, haha :D

Lately I've spent too much time with Haz, after I bought it so I had a bad mind for abandoning Hope. So I spent the whole night with Hope in the Fishing Village. :) 

This is why you shouldn't look out of the window at nights... BOO

I ran back to Silverglade and left Hope to talk funny things to Felix, and went to hunt for a new make-up. I took the cheap with a beauty spot. 

Flying,  I changed Hope to Haz and ran to Fort Pinta to do the races. On the way I teased the combine machine >8D

Jump my idiot :3

In the end I went to the Pinta cliff because no one was online and I was alone D:

 *mwah*  Huti

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