Saturday, 2 February 2013

Run, run, run and never stop!

So now the actual post of today.

After last Wednesday, a crazy bug came to the game and now we can level up our horses 8D It's fun ! Seems like we could level them up like to lvl 20 if we want, but I think the team will notice the bug first. So now Frostbeam is on lvl. 14 when I'm on lvl. 13, but it would be on lvl. 15 if I would have played yesterday! Argh.

About the championship, I have now started to win gold x) But today wasn't a good day, I failed the first competition and became third in the second :D Here's some photos from today.


I'm a troll murrmurmurr

Yeah... this is how to search for stars. Such a good view!


I don't.. I don't take pics of my friends, secretly. No, that's just crazy... lol.

We look like rabbits!

My own carousel horse ♥ 

Kisses, April

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